Carnivorous?….We are.

Join us for a night (or day) of dining in the rustic Daws Hill Winery. You will be welcomed with a glass of Sparkling before feasting on a selection of meats cooked on our custom-made BBQ. Everything is cooked over the fire in the traditional Argentinian ways by our very own Javier. The menu will typically include 3 cuts of meat, in Argentina they call Beef carne – every other meat is second class to that. We will be sourcing the very best of local beef, hunting down whole racks of ribs and possibly spatch cooking some chickens. There will of course be some green bits to go with it all, flame grilled vegetables and fresh salads. Our Argentinian has even brought his family recipes for Chimichurri and salsa Creolla.

Prices start at £50 a head for groups of 10+. Sparkling wine and Malbec included*. Bookings are private and built around your needs.

*limited to agreed amount.